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0161-FD Nervis Conversion Kit Black


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Wrap-Up Next NERVIS


Wrap-Up Next RWD chassis lay out with NEW VX-DOCK >> NERVIS Conversion Kit

Servo is positioned center of Front Bulk and linked direct to slide rail.

Chassis Layout is Rear Motor perfect for RWD Drifting with reversible Motor Mount. You can choose motor position left or right.

Can be used with many Yokomo Drift Package optional parts.


* VX-DOCK Slide Steering Unit
* Reversible Aluminium Motor Mount (You can choose motor position left or right)
* 2.5mm CFRP Black Carbon Main Chassis
* 2mm CFRP Black Carbon Upper Deck
* Can be used with Yokomo or Tamiya Suspension Block
* Straight, Short Lipo, Left / Right, many battery position
* RWD Short Input Chassis (Drift Package)
* Aluminium Front Upper Mount
* Newly designed Aluminium Rear Mission Mount (Drift Package / FR-D)

This is conversion kit for Yokomo Drift Package

Nervis Kit consists of:

2.5mm Pure Carbon Main Chassis
2mm Pure Carbon Upper Deck F
2mm Pure carbon Upper Deck R
VX-Dock Slide Steering System
Reversioble Aluminium Motor Mount
RWD Short Input Shaft
Aluminium Front Upper Deck Mount
Aluminium Rear Mission Mount
Screws etc.
(Input shaft cannot be used with Gear Diff)


Long adjustable Servo Horn
Drift Package Suspension system (Suspension arm, Suspension Mount, Suspension Shaft, Knuckle, Turnbuckle, Ball end etc).
Drift Package Rear Shock Tower
F&R Oil Shock
Drift Package Mission (Rear)
Drift Package Spur Gear Holder
Yokomo D108 Imadoki COnversion Battery Holder or Wrap-Up Battery Holder & Mount

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