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FRD RWD 2.0 Conversion Kit Blue Colour


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Wrap-Up Next presents FR-D Ver2.0!!!

変換 ~ FR-D_V2_img2_small

Updates from Ver1.0 / 1.1

** Carbon parts has been changed to Black Carbon. Chassis Thickness has been changed to 2mm for enhanced rolling action and perfect control.

** Gear Unit lay out has been updated. Motor potion has been moved approx 5mm towards rear. Perfect weight balance.

** Hybrid Steering Wiper is included with the conversion kit. By putting Servo horizontally, perfect linkage and wide range of ackerman settings are possible.

変換 ~ FR-D_V2_img1_small
** Newly designed center cup joint and updated to steel material. Further more, 4 pinions for the gear unit also has been updated to steel.

Yokomo Drift Package Series
* If you are using Type-C, you require a bit of modification.

This chassis is perfect to use with FR-D!

This conversion kit comes with:

Black Carbon Graphite Chassis, Upper Deck, Upper Brace, Wiper Plate
Front Gear Unit
Hybrid Steering Wiper
Aluminium Battery Stopper & Holder
Steel Pinion 20, 21, 34, 35T
Bearing 1838zz x 4
Bearing 840 x4

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