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OD2200 Overdose XEX Spec R Chassis Kit


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Introducing XEX spec.R for rear wheel drive. RWD drifting was something many drivers wanted but hesitated due to its requirement of expensive conversion kits and suspension parts on top of some technical knowledge of the settings. XEX spec.R is a perfect solution for those who could not give up on their RWD drifting dreams. It provides the perfect suspension geometry for the drifting, giving just enough steering angles while having the most appropriate ackerman in the broad area. We did all the work for you to have the perfect drift chassis, so all you have to do is simply to follow the assembly instructions! The drive train is the same combination of 27T counter gear and ridgid axle as AWD XEX, however, XEX’s acceleration work with high grip performance emphasizes the tail sliding volume, which gives you the feeling of driving the real vehicle.

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