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OD2335 Work Emotion M8R (Kiwi Power / OFF+5)


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Introducing a special model to mark WORK's 40th year.Applied OVERDOSE's latest technology into newly developed WORK EMOTION M8R. We were able to emulate 8 mesh style sleek design and scale down to RC specific without losing its strength. The optional color "COLORism" is also available, definitely catches everyone's eyes with its vivid paint color. Referencing the actual size painted wheel, the color was developed with custom resin materials. It's a total emulation of a spectacular model, both with the design and the color. Offsets are available in +5mm and +7mm for each color.

Overdose WORK EMOTION M8R OFFSET 5 1/10 Drift Wheels 2pcs Mandarin Alert Orange Limited Edition #OD2333

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