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OD2664 Alum. Front Bulkhead Type-2 Red


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Introducing the aluminum front bulkhead Type-2. The design has been renewed while maintaining the existing caster adjustment function. By greatly changing the shape around the steering tie rod, it is possible to make the most of the tie rod mounting position set on the slide rack. As a result, the setting range of Ackerman has been greatly expanded, and it has become possible to set Ackerman that had been given up for reasons such as not being able to take a cutting angle. Previously, the upper arm mount was mounted on a plate-like lower bulk, but Type-2 has a complicated frame structure that greatly improves the rigidity of the bulkhead. The RWD drift machine holds the most important front suspension geometry securely and accurately. Available in three colors: purple, red, and black. In addition, when using it for Vacula II, a genuine front shock tower mount is required. The shock layout is only stand-up type.



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