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Drift Culture Enterprise Term & Conditions

By Clicking "I Hereby Agree With All Drift Culture Shipping Info and Term & Conditions" and for all other customer who buy thru' DC Online Shop . You must agree with all the term that we state below .

**References to "Our", "We", "Us" and "Drift Culture" shall be references to Drift Culture Enterprise.References to "You" and "Your" shall mean references to each visitor to the web site, as the context requires.**

RETAIL PRICE :Please be advised that all price that stated in our website dconlineshops.com are the NET PRICE . No bargaining is ALLOWED , it is not inlcude with all other charges . As you can see we are using Singapore Dollar as the currency , the price of the parts may be change due to currency & the price might be increase due to currencies when you access it and we can change the price without prior notice .

OUT OF STOCK PARTS :-While we have tried to update the content on www.dconlineshops.com and parts that available at our store , we do not GUARANTEE such the stock that available will be accurate when you access it . 
For Part[s] that Out Of Stock in your order , We [Drift Culture Enterpise] reserve the right to refund the actual mount of the out of stock part[s] or we can change the out of stock part[s] to part[s] that availble but it has to be the same amount but if it price is more you have to add the balance.

SHIPPING CHARGES : FYI , Our shop located at Johor Bahru , Malaysia but we are using Singapore Postage because is a bit cheaper . Please be advice , we have to charge a bit higher than the postage actual fee because we are using a Private Courier Agent to sent your package to Singapore .There are also other few charges , like envelope cost . customs declare and etc.

NO REFUND ARE ALLOWED , after you find the actual fee a bit cheaper than the price that we state in our website www.dconlineshops.com . It because you already agree with our shipping cost when you order with us but if you find our shipping cost is overcharged , please cancel your order.

PAYMENTS : For our website we have a multiple payment option . [Its depend on your country] . For Malaysia , we have a Maybank Account . For Singapore Customer , we have an OCBC Bank account and you can pay by PayPal too. For International Customer , we use Paypal for your purchases . Please advise that we will charge you 4.6% for Paypal FEE

We are not accept any other online transaction other than the payment that we stated at above.

DELIVERY ADDRESS :Please be advised that your delivery address must be SAME with your PayPal Address . If you are using another courier service such an aramex and etc . We only responsible until your package has been arrive at our local Post Office [ Pos Malaysia ] and we will provide a tracking number .

REQUEST CUSTOMS VALUE : Please note if you want us to declare your package . Please use "Note" Section when you order with us . Please contact our facebook page for more faster response due to this because we might process your order and ship it with the same day when you order . 

PRODUCT PICTURES :Every effort has been made to portray the photo of our products that appear on dconlineshops.com as accurately as possible. Please note most of our product photos show assembled and painted versions of the product even though we are selling unassembled, unpainted products.

We cannot accept any claims regarding to this matter as assembling and painting is customer's responsibility.

FREE SHIPPING FOR SGD250 : As you can see starting February we are making a free delivery for purchases above SGD250 but the promotion for purchasing PARTS ONLY ! . If you want to buy other than that (Chassis , Electronic , & other ) we have to charge you . The Shipping Fee will be decide by Drift Culture Enterprise .

DISCLAIMER :Drift CUlture Enterprise shall not be liable to you or any third parties for any direct, indirect, special, consequential or punitive damages allegedly sustained arising out of your access to or inability to access this website. This includes viruses alleged to have been obtained from this website, your use of or reliance on this website or any of the information or materials available on this website, regardless of the type of claim or the nature of the cause of action. By your use of this website, you agree that you are using this website solely at YOUR OWN RISK.

AGREE WITH OUR [TERM & CONDITIONS] AND SHIPPING INFO :By Clicking the term & conditions at checkout session , You agree with all the Term & Condition and Shipping & Info  that Drift Culture has state .